What s for YOU at St. Peter's?
"You will participate in a longitudinal curricular approach

"You will work in an environment that emphasizes relationships

"These longitudinal relationships will not only facilitate your education, but also provide an intimate view of the various sub-specialists

"You will engage in a unique process to determine which career path within pharmacy is most interesting to you and most suitable to your innate skills

"You will study the strengths and weaknesses of the health system, and cultivate applied skills in improving health care quality at clinical and non-clinical levels

"You will experience health education in the best of two worlds: the contrasts of setting and patient population will merge for you into the single mission of learning to help people in their pursuit of health
Top Reasons to choose St.Peter's
Vibrant yet enriching intellectual life: St.Peter's student have an ability of an atmosphere of learning and innovation.

Students and faculty: Students are always looking to transform and make an impact, connecting cutting edge classroom knowledge to real world research. They are striving to change the face of pharmacy, health and improving the lives. The faculty creates various teaching methodologies with an international dimension for students at all levels.

Training the next generation of Pharmacists, Public Health Professionals, Researchers, leaders and Educator. St.Peter's take pride in preparing each students to take a leadership role in the world of health and in other spheres of pharmacy. Our alumni holds the top jobs in a wide variety of organizations.

St.Peter's is what you make of it. You get to choose. Wade in and choose your niche.

Start connecting with our world, our ideas and let the opportunities come to you.


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