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The college is well equipped research and regular practical laboratories constructed as per GMP norms. The laboratory facilitates class work and research as per the norms of all India council for technical education (AICTE, New Delhi) and pharmacy council of India (PCI, New Delhi).
Well trained, finest lab technicians guide the students in safe and effective handling of the sensitive instruments and machinery belongs to various disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences.

St. Peters International Centre For Innovation (ICI)

International center for innovation is a multi crore, coordinated nodal project of SPIPS aimed to provide consultancy services to the pharma industry and in turn students of B Pharm, M Pharm, Pharm D can try their hands in live projects. Regular visits of pharma professionals from various disciplines of industry help the students to understand key skills of pharmaceutical sciences and enrich the young minds positively.
Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

Development of oral controlled drug delivery systems
      Development of transdermal drug delivery systems
      Development of solubility enhancement techniques
      Floating drug delivery systems
      Nano emulsions, Nanoparticles and liposome s
      Drug conjugates
      Targeted drug delivery systems to brain and inflammation
      Provesicular transdermal systems
      Provesicular powder for oral delivery
      Lipid based drug delivery systems


Development of drugs for treatment of obesity
      Development of drugs for treatment of Type -II diabetes
      Development of drugs for treatment of Male infertility
      Development of drugs for treatment Alzheimer s
      Development of drugs for treatment of cancer
      Development of drugs for treatment of parkinsonism
      Development of herbal drugs for treatment of inflammation and pain
      Toxicological studies on newly developed compounds from various  pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmacy Practice

      Stroke risk assessment
      Drug utilization evaluation
      Drug utilization studies in pregnancy
      Evaluation of antimicrobial utilization for their appropriateness
      Drug interaction monitoring
      Drug Formulation development
      Studies on Quality of life in diabetic patients
      Parenteral iron therapy in pregnancy

Drug Information Center (DIC)

The purpose of the Drug Information Center (DIC) is to serve health care professionals throughout India by answering critical questions on drug use and its possible side effects. The DIC attached to pharmacy practice department of the SPIPS routinely responds to inquiries regarding appropriate therapy for specific patients; adverse reactions to drugs; efficacy of drugs; drug interactions; intravenous additive incompatibilities; biopharmaceutic and pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs; dosing in renal failure; appropriate therapy for a disease state; identification of foreign drugs; information on investigational agents; and information on new drugs. The purpose of the service is to provide accurate, current and unbiased drug information in the promotion of rational drug therapy.

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